Additional Rules for all players during COVID restricted play from 31st December 2020 until further notice – please read carefully before attending

  1. Conditions for playing

    Please do not attend Bayside Badminton Club if you have any of the following:

    • any COVID-19 symptoms especially a cold or a cough

    • if you have NOT followed any COVID-19 guidelines in the last 3 weeks

  2. Social distancing

    • You must remain 1.5M from everyone the hall at all times when not playing

    • The kitchen is closed at this time and whist in the hall please try to refrain from touching any surfaces

  3. Hygiene

    • You will be encouraged to wash/sanitise your hands: when you arrive at badminton, after you have paid, after every game, after you go to the toilet, if you cough or sneeze, if you touch any surfaces in the hall

    • Bayside Badminton will supply hand sanitiser at the desk in the hall, however members are encouraged to bring and use their own supply where possible

    • Do not spit in the hall or cough or sneeze without covering your mouth/nose

  4. Equipment

    • You will need to bring your own racquet and drinking bottle

    • If you sweat, then make sure you bring a towel so as not to drip anywhere on the hall floor

    • Do not share personal items including water bottles, refreshments or towels

  5. Notification

    • If you contract COVID-19 you MUST inform the club: [email protected] immediately

  6. Non-Compliance

    • Failure to comply with these additional COVID-19 rules will result in removal from the building and potential suspension from the club


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