Code of Conduct & Regulations

Bayside Badminton Club Code of Conduct and Regulations
Mission and Goals
Bayside Badminton Club (BBC) is a friendly club whose members all know each other on a first-name basis. Social interaction between games is generally quite fun and plentiful. The level of play at BBC is largely determined by the people who join. In general, BBC has beginner to advanced level players, with the majority being at the intermediate level. More experienced or long-term club members are very helpful in offering some basic badminton instruction and tips on court strategy and techniques to newer or less-experienced players.
If you are interested in more advanced levels of play or competitive play, especially at “A” or “B” levels, please keep this in mind when joining our club. The Badminton Victoria website is an excellent source for information on other clubs.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to promote badminton in the Bayside community as a rewarding activity, and to encourage everyone to participate in a sport that improves overall physical fitness, increases self-esteem, and fosters new friendships.

Goals and objectives
Promote the sport of badminton to residents of Bayside and surrounding areas
Foster friendships through the game of badminton
Improve physical fitness and encourage friendly competition

Player Code of Conduct
The Bayside Badminton Club will operate within a positive atmosphere of respect, fair play and good sportsmanship. Regular board selection play will be offered to permit challenging games at appropriate levels for all members, at the same time as providing an opportunity for social play among all members. Please note that the parts of the code relating to language used apply both to English and all/any other languages used by Club members.

  • Respect the court time allowed for games. Leave your court promptly for rotation;
  • Be aware and respectful to games and players that are on other courts. For example players
    leaving or entering the court should do so as quickly and with as little disruption as possible to the
    games that are in progress. Whenever possible, wait until action on the courts that you have to
    pass has stopped;
  • Zero tolerance for loud, abusive or profane language;
  • Zero tolerance for racquet throwing or indiscriminately hitting the shuttle;
  • Zero tolerance for harassment of any form (sexual or otherwise), including but not limited to
    sexual discrimination, physical, racial, gender or psychological abuse, foul or suggestive language
    or unwanted attention of any kind;
  • Keep positive whether you win or lose, whether you are having a good day or not;
  • Develop a consistent habit of good sportsmanship and fair play, for example;
    a) Keep the score correctly; state the score clearly after each rally;
    b) Call the lines fairly (remember it is the lines on your own side of the net for which you are
    c) Shake hands after each match; (not applicable during COVID restrictions)
    d) Congratulate your opponent politely if you lose;
    e) Acknowledge a strength, good shot, or good rally of your opponent when you win;
    f) Accept congratulations graciously from your opponent;
  • Proper badminton attire required, example, indoor court shoes, shorts or tracksuit pants & t-shirt;
    Protective glasses strongly recommended and
    Guests will be limited to allow maximum play time for members;

Club Regulations:
1) Members and any persons attending the Bayside Badminton Club shall ensure that they comply with all rules and regulations posted in the facility and/or on the property, and with all directions given by Sandringham Youth Club and/or Bayside City Council executives;

2) Bayside Badminton Club members and any persons attending the club must change into appropriate athletic footwear upon arrival. The use of shoes marking the surfaces is strictly prohibited;

3) Smoking, gambling or illegal substances are strictly prohibited within the facility or otherwise within or on the property. Alcohol may only be brought into the facility and/or consumed with the prior approval of the Executive Committee (e.g. for an end-of-year celebration);

4) Any Member or guest attending the club will be asked to leave by a Committee Member of nominee if he or she is intoxicated and/or causing a disturbance, including harassment of any form;

5) Members agree not to use, store, or permit to be used or stored in or on any part of the premises any flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, material, chemical or any substance prohibited by any law or other policy;

6) Members shall not permit garbage or debris to accumulate at the facility or otherwise within or about the premises;

7) Members shall not do or permit to be done any act which shall or might subject the Sandringham Youth Club or the Bayside Badminton Club to any liability or responsibility for injury to any person or persons or to property by reason of such activity;

8) A member assumes all responsibility for any damages caused by them to the facility, property or equipment of the Sandringham Youth Club, Bayside Badminton Club and/or any other association that uses the facility. The member agrees to be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any other member’s or Bayside Badminton Club property lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or defaced by the member. Any such damage may be repaired or replaced by the owner of the property affected and/or Bayside Badminton Club and all costs so incurred by the owner of the property affected and/or the Bayside Badminton Club shall be payable by the member on demand;

9) At the end of each evening, the member agrees to leave the facility in a clean state and

10) The executive committee may invoke the rules set down in the Rules of Incorporation (20/02/1996) in relation to expulsion, suspension or fining of members where a member fails to respect the Code of Conduct and/or Regulations set out above.

[Code of Conduct drafted March 2008, ratified via AGM April 2008 and re-endorsed AGM March 2009]

ABN: 67 784 278 295
Inc. Assoc. Reg. A0033317U
[email protected]
insta: baysidebadmintonclub
ph: 0431 746 400

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