ISO Badminton

Bayside ‘ISO Badminton’ will be starting on Tuesday 24th November

The motto for ISO Badminton will be “Get In, Play, Get Out”

Bayside Badminton Club encourage all members to download and activate the COVID-Safe app


Here’s what we know so far:

  • Under Level B step 2 restrictions, we can open with a 20 person indoor restriction and as such we will be opening for existing MEMBERS ONLY

  • Non-members will be asked to wait until Level C restrictions are brought in and our indoor limit is raised from 20 and 50 – we will let you know when this will be

For existing members :

If you have not received an email from the club in the last 3 days then please email us at :

When you attend, the following will apply for this restricted phase:

  • We will be using a booking system for each session and you must have a booking confirmation in order to play, please do not attend the hall without a booking

  • No visitors are allowed during this numbers restricted period

  • If you have any questions about bookings then email :

  • You will need to bring exact change with you as session organisers will not be handling money 

You will NOT be permitted to attend a session:

  • if you have any COVID-19 symptoms especially a cold or a cough

  • if you, or a person you have come into contact with, is a returned overseas traveller in the last 3 weeks (21 days)

  • if you have NOT followed any COVID-19 guidelines including maintaining social distancing of 1.5M from anyone outside your household in the last 3 weeks

Social Distancing rules MUST be adhered to at the facility at all times:

  • You must remain 1.5 M from everyone in the facility when you are not playing

Compulsory hygiene will exist:

  • You must wear a fitted face mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times inside the hall when you are not playing

  • You will be required to wash/sanitise your hands: when you arrive at badminton, after you have paid, after every game, after you go to the toilet, if you cough or sneeze, if you touch any surfaces in the hall

  • We will supply hand sanitiser at the front door and at each end of the hall

  • Do not spit in the hall or cough or sneeze without covering your mouth/nose

  •   You must bring your own: racquet – there will be no racquets for loan during this time, drinking bottle (or 2), if you sweat, then bring a towel so as not to drip anywhere on the hall floor

  • You must not share any personal items


Apart from the main hall, only the Disabled toilet will be open (there will be no access to Kitchen, change rooms, Ladies or Men’s toilets & showers and meeting room).


If you contract COVID-19 you MUST inform the club: immediately.

Failure to comply with any COVID-19 rules will result in removal from the club on the night and potential suspension from the club


Information contact points:

  • Victoria Coronavirus hotline :  1800 675 398

  • Bayside Badminton specific questions can be addressed to Ali, Club Coronavirus Safety Officer at :

  • For any question whilst at a Bayside Badminton session, contact :

        Mon      Jeremy & Greg

        Tue       Ali & Ute

        Wed      Bill & Lucky

        Thu       Peter & Khunn

        Sun       Tim, Layton, Khunn & Connie


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